Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am scheduled to work tomorrow night.I need to go to Walmart to pick up some items.I can't wait to get my first fill next month.I have the standard 10cc band.

Friday, February 25, 2011

It has turned out to be a beautiful day.I am getting my hair done and brows waxed.I am feeling fabulous today.Plan to return to work next week.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doing Great

Yes I am doing great.The soreness is gone.I feel so much better.The last time I got on the scale I was down 20 lbs.I am looking forward to what the next phase of my journey will be.Looking forward and not behind.I am so thankful to all my family and friends for supporting me on this journey.I am so humble and grateful to my lord and Savior for giving me this opportunity.I know that with Him all things are possible.I embrace this new healthier me to the fullest.I am going to treat myself with a non food victory item.Maybe another deluxe pedicure.Other than that I am wonderful.I will post dome before surgery pics soon.I have been so busy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Update

Tomorrow will be 1 week post op.I am feeling so much better.I sense that I have somewhat a restriction from the band itself.I go for my first fill in 5 weeks.Today I have a follow up appt with my surgeon.I am just a little sore still but manageable.I have not taken any pain medication in days.The gas issues seem to be over.I have not had any nausea and vomiting.I am down about 16 pounds total as of yesterday visit to my bathroom scale.
Do I have any regrets? NO
Was it worth it? YES
Would I do it again? YES

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Much Better

I am feeling much better.Today is looking beautiful outside.I plan to take a stroll in the neighborhood.I am only sore a tiny bit.I am managing without pain medication.I am still on the clear liquid diet.Moving on to full liquids next week.I am down almost 20 pounds,which is good.I have to go see my surgeon Monday evening.My first fill is next month.I am sure that will give me some restrictions just in time for me to be at a regular diet.Other than that I am doing awesome and feeling fabulous.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well it has been a couple of days since my surgery.I am feeling much better,just sore.I am hoping that will all end soon.I am still on clear liquids right now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1 Day Post OP

The surgery went great yesterday morning.I was back home by 11:00.I am doing the clear liquid diet this week.I follow up with my surgeon on Monday.The surgical spots were sore and the gas pains off the charts.I had my gas x on hand.I was up walking to the mailbox several times yesterday and last night.I sat up most of the day.I have not had any nausea or vomiting.The doctor gave me plenty of anti nausea medication at the hospital and some to take home.I called and informed my mother of the surgery yesterday evening.She was not upset.I am actually feeling much better this morning.Having me some chicken broth and apple juice.Overall everything went well.I have no regrets.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Three More Days

I went to a lapband support group today.Really interesting topic of discussion.I met several ladies from am eagerly counting the days down.Well I have to finish my research paper.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Surgeon

I am using Dr.John Bagnato in Albany,Ga.His practice name is Palmyra Surgical.I highly recommend him.I did my research and felt confident that he was the doctor of choice for me.He has the most experience in this area.His past patients were very satisfied with the care they received.So if you are thinking about having the procedure done I would advise you to attend a free seminar to learn more about the surgery and the benefits.Feel free to call his office at 229-432-8484.

Four More Days

Time is really flying by now.I went and pick up a few items to carry me threw week 1 post diet.I am still excited and scared.I know I have a great surgeon.My hubby will be home with me next week.I have not told my mother that I am having the surgery yet.I guess I will add that to my list of things to do.I can only imagine what she is going to say.
Shopping list:
Nestle Pure Life water(24 pack)
Boost High Protein Shakes
Special K protein water packets
Boulion cubes(chicken and beef)
Gas X (chewable)
Poweraide no calorie drink
Sugar Free Jello
Apple Juice
I tried to get everything I could think of because I am not going back to Walmart.I have my medicine for nausea and pain ready and besides my bed.I am ready to embrace the new healthier me.
I want to take a minute to thank my family and friends for supporting me.I want to thank my surgeon and his awesome staff.Yes they are fabulous.They have put up with me calling and coming by harassing them for so long.I thank my Heavenly Father for making a way possible for me to have this surgery.I have no doubt that I am doing the right thing.I look forward to sharing my journey with the world.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five more

I have been counting the days down.I have 5 more days before my band surgery.I am ready to embrace a new life that includes being healthy,more active and happy.I am taking off 2 weeks to recover and adjust to the new me,so I will try to blog daily.I am not looking back.I am focusing on the future and all that it has to offer.I plan to go purchase all my post food this weekend.I have my prescriptions for pain medication and nausea already.The only other thing I need is Gas X strips.Need to find a really good protein drink for the clear liquid phase.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Seven More Days

I have 7 more days until I get my band.Today will be a busy day for me.I have to do the following:
1.Go meet bariatric nurse to discuss post op diet
2.Go to preop appt with surgeon
3.Go preregister at hospital
I am so excited and scared.I am not sure that makes sense but it is how I feel.I plan to get caught up on all my school work and house work so I can be ready.I do have a super supportive hubby who has taken off the entire week.Did I say I love him so much.I have meet some really nice people on plan to post weekly on my blog and the forum just to keep everyone posted.I plan to go shopping for all my necessities today.I don't want to be unprepared.I just had a pedicure and manicure.Yes a girl must look good even at surgery.I will go get my nail polish removed prior to surgery.I have discovered some great products lately.
1.Diet Snapple Cranberry Raspberry(delicious)
2.Lean Cuisine Cafe Steamer bags(delicious)
There is nothing like delicious healthy food.It makes eating better so much easier.I have to pick up some Gas X strips and lip balm for post surgery.I guess it may behoove me to get some air freshner.(LOL).Well I guess that is all for now.I am still counting down the days.